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Capital Nordic Walking is Canberra’s fully accredited Nordic Walking Specialists

Do you enjoy walking and being outdoors? Are gyms not your scene or do you like to have a break from them? Is jogging too hard on your body? Cycling too risky or too hard on your knees? Is walking not delivering the results you are looking for? Are you finding swimming too solitary? Are you looking to mix up your exercise routine? Nordic Walking is unique because it can provide benefits for everyone, people of all ages and fitness levels, from those with medical problems or injuries to the super-fit.

Around the world, millions of Nordic Walkers are enjoying the immense health and fitness benefits that this new form of fitness walking provides because it is more effective than jogging, as gentle as walking, and it is perfect to do with a group of friends. Research from Europe and USA has proven that the health benefits of Nordic Walking are significantly greater than regular walking, jogging, swimming and cycling.  A reminder about the importance of activity to good health and the considerable risks of inactivity can be found here, including how much you should be moving. 10-Reasons-NordicWalking-A4 flyer-web_eml

NW Provider logo HIn order to gain maximum benefit from Nordic Walking it is important to learn the correct technique from a       qualified instructor.

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