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Overview of Capital Nordic Walking Proficiency Course Content

Learning to Nordic Walk is a bit like learning to ride a bike. The first few times it can feel a bit strange. But once you’ve mastered it, it feels natural and easy – like you’ve always done it.

The truth is that you don’t need lessons to walk with poles! Anyone can buy a pair of poles and start walking with them. It’s a bit like golf and tennis that way. But like golf and tennis, if you want to do it well, avoid getting injuries and get the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking it makes sense to get lessons from a qualified and experienced NW Instructor.

Session 1. Foundations: Good walking posture, ideal arm-swing, how to hold/control the NW pole handles correctly and safely, maintain correct angle of pole behind body, and “landing” or “planting” the poles on the “sweet spot”

Session 2. Power of the Poles: reviewing and refining foundations from Session 1. and learning how to propel the body forward by pushing through the straps, fully engaging upper arm and back muscles (and unloading up to 10kg from lower back, hips, knees and ankles). In this session we do a video analysis of your technique to assist better understanding of aspects to focus on to achieve mastery.

Session 3. Putting it all together – taking the next step: learning the technique for fuller rear arm/pole extension, improved heel/toe action and pushing off – engaging calf, hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Learning to gear/speed up to increase cardiovascular work, techniques for walking up and down hills and steps to get most out of the poles while protecting knees. Optional – learning to NW skip, bound and run – for greater cardio workout)

Nordic Walking Course Options and Costs

p1000856We often see people using their Nordic Walking poles like hiking poles [in front of the body] or simply using them incorrectly. Unfortunately these people are simply “taking their poles for a walk” and are not getting the amazing benefits available to them if they were Nordic Walking correctly.

There are number of aspects to learn to ensure that you use the poles well, get the maximum benefit from Nordic Walking, avoid injury, and know how to ramp it up when you want to increase your workload.

The short courses and private lessons offered by Capital Nordic Walking take a sequential approach to learning. Each session is different – and we build on the skills as we progress to ensure that participants master all of the key aspects of Nordic Walking correctly. Good quality Nordic Walking Poles are provided for participants to use during the lessons.

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