Our Partners

Capital Nordic Walking collaborates with a number of Canberra’s leading health professionals – who have a good understanding of the  many applications and benefits of Nordic Walking

Ascent Physiotherapy Sports & Lifestyle Clinic

logo-2Ascent Physiotherapy’s mission is to provide first class Physiotherapy services & health care to their clients, to maximise their return to activity after injury & enable them to achieve the optimal activity level to keep them “ACTIVE – everyday, for life” regardless of their age or abilities. They aim to provide full functional recovery: to restore normal movement & function for the long term & also to prevent injuries from recurring.

Louise Steinman, Director of Ascent Physiotherapy says “You deserve to achieve the “height of your health”, no matter your age or ability. We help you to move well, and stay well… for life”!

We are invested in your long-term health, not just a “quick fix”! We use a hands-on, manual therapy & exercise based approach to treat all injuries (including sports, work & vehicle injuries) as well as regular aches & pains, or those little things that stop you doing the activities you love to do.

Our passion for physiotherapy extends not just to all sports (including our special interest of Equestrian sports), but to maximising movement & function, flexibility, strength & posture to enable our clients to recover from a restriction, to return to their previous activity or to regain the confidence in their own abilities to stay active and achieve the full height of their health.

‘Nordic Walking Plus’: Ascent Physiotherapy is working with Capital Nordic Walking to develop an innovative new service “Nordic Walking Plus” for clients with complex and/or challenging health conditions who will benefit from a physiotherapist assessment prior to commencing Nordic Walking instruction, and ongoing physiotherapy review throughout their Nordic Walking course.

Canberra Remedial Therapies

Andrew Earl and his team at Canberra Remedial Therapies specialise in pain relief and relaxation. They treat all types of Pain & Discomfort including Back pain, Sciatica, Headaches, Neck & Shoulder pain. Therapists are trained in Bowen Therapy and Emmett Therapy. Conditions that have responded include:
– Back Pain
– Neck pain
– shoulder pain
– Arm pain
– Migraine headaches
– Hip pain
– Leg, ankle and knee pain
– Lymphatic drainage
– Oedema
and many more

Andrew immediately recognised the potential for Nordic Walking to complement his work assisting clients to achieve healthy, pain-free bodies and undertook a full Nordic Walking course with Capital Nordic Walking to experience the benefits himself.  Andrew is now a regular Nordic Walker.

Neurospace – Rehabilitation, Aged Care and Paediatrics 


The team at Neurospace is focused on providing rehabilitation to meet the needs of people with diagnosis of damage to neurological or sensory systems, or those with other complex rehabilitation conditions. The therapy we offer at Neurospace is particularly targeted at long-standing and difficult problems. Our team of therapists includes physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists and therapy assistants .

In August 2016 the Neurospace team participated in presentation by Capital Nordic Walking on the applications and benefits of Nordic Walking for people with a range of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Sports Care and Physiotherapy 
Sports Care and Physiotherapy practice has 5 locations in Canberra: Dickson, Barton, Parliament House, Weston and Bruce.  They pride themselves on their high quality practice, involving you in decision making and developing a supportive partnership with you in managing your health and fitness now and in the future. Expertise includes Sports Physiotherapy, Orthopedics, Running and Bike Assessments, Women’s Health, Core Stability, Neurological Rehabilitation and Massage Therapy.In April 2016 the Sports Care Physio team participated in an in-service run by CNW introducing them to the background, benefits and applications of Nordic Walking, including a selection of rehabilitation case studies. The Sports Care and Physiotherapy team were enthusiastic about their NW lesson – getting a hands-on feel for the benefits and how NW could complement their physiotherapy services.

Athletes Foot – Civic Store – Nordic Walking shoes


Many people assume that heavy walking boots are needed for Nordic Walking – but these can actually make it difficult to achieve a good Nordic Walking technique [when fitness walking] because they tend to be heavier and less flexible than the latest walking shoe styles. Similarly, running shoes are also not usually designed to suit the Nordic Walking gait, which requires the foot to be in contact with the ground for far longer, has a much more centered heel strike and much more pronounced push off from the toes than used in running.

The most distinguishing feature between an ordinary fitness or running shoe and a shoe for Nordic walking is the construction of the heel (because of the more forceful heel strike of the Nordic Walking stride). If you are a regular Nordic Walker then the acquisition of suitable footwear is highly advised. Read more about key features of a good Nordic Walking shoe here.

As every person’s foot shape differs, and to get optimum comfort, support and longevity from your Nordic walking footwear we suggest being fitted correctly and recommend consulting the experienced team at Athletes Foot who are familiar with the requirements of Nordic Walkers.