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Learning to Nordic Walk is a bit like learning to ride a bike. The first few times it can feel a bit strange. But once you’ve mastered it, it feels natural and easy – like you’ve always done it.

The truth is that you don’t need lessons to walk with NWing poles! Anyone can buy a pair of poles and start walking with them.  It’s a bit like golf and tennis that way.  And like golf and tennis, if you want to do it well, avoid getting injuries and get the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking it makes sense to get lessons from a qualified and experienced NW Instructor.

There are number of aspects to learn to ensure that you use NWing poles correctly, get the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking, avoid injury, and know how to ramp it up when you want to increase your workload.

From our experience most people who learn the correct technique from a qualified instructor and practice 2 -3 times per week start to feel completely comfortable walking with NWing poles and are powering along within a month.  Some people achieve mastery much faster and some take a little longer.

The short courses and private lessons offered by Capital Nordic Walking take a sequential approach to learning how to use the poles correctly and include familiarisation with equipment and guidance on achieving individual goals to ensure that participants master all key aspects of Nordic Walking correctly.

Free Introductory Nordic Walking session

This session is designed to help you learn about the background to and many benefits of Nordic Walking and assist you in deciding if Nordic Walking is for you. You will learn about the differences between Nordic Walking and Hiking Poles. There will be a demonstration of Nordic Walking showing the different levels of intensity. Handouts on Nordic Walking and Capital Nordic Walking’s services and Proficiency Courses will be available. And there will be plenty of time for questions.  Download an information sheet HERE

 Nordic Walking for Fitness: 3 – session Proficiency Course

This 3 x 1-hour sessions course is designed to help you master the correct technique for Nordic Walking. It is suitable for people who want to get a lot more of out their walks and for those who want to introduce a new low-intensity, high impact workout into their existing fitness regime – whether it be training for running or sports.  Participants need to be able to walk at a moderate pace for approximately 20 minutes.  People with limited mobility should enrol in Nordic Walking for Health Course.

Nordic Walking for Health

This 3 x 1 hour-sessions course is designed to learn the correct Nordic Walking technique for participants with limited mobility and/or health conditions such as arthritis, joint replacement or Parkinson’s.

An overview of Capital Nordic Walking Course content and costs are available HERE

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