Capital Nordic Walking Policies

Capital Nordic Walking Instructor Availability & Teaching Venues

When: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Times: 7.00am through to 7.00pm (earlier classes may be available on request)

Where: South Side: Deakin Mint Oval. North Side: Dickson Wetlands

Holidays: Closed Christmas through early January and Winter (July-August) Dates TBC

Commitment to High Quality Service

NW Provider logo HCapital Nordic Walking prides itself on its commitment to providing the highest quality of Nordic Walking and Personal Training services.  Instructor Kristen Pratt is a qualified Occupational Therapist with a Masters Degree in Education.  She has Certificates III and IV in Personal Training and is accredited by Nordic Walking UK, the [Australian] Nordic Academy and the International Nordic Walking Federation (Australia) (INWA)

IMG_0776Kristen is committed to staying up to date with the latest in Nordic Walking and health and fitness. She has  completed an INWA course on Nordic Walking for People with Parkinson’s disease and passed a NWUK Advanced Instructor course. Kristen also participated in  Masters technique workshops with world Nordic Walking masters – Marko Kantaneva, Arja Jalkenen- Meyer, Itsik Levy, Tom Rutlin, Martin Christie and Fabio Moretti.

IMG_0489As well – Kristen has studied Exerstriding-style Nordic Walking (focus on Stability for Mobility and Wellness Walking) in Master Classes with Tom Rutlin – renowned fitness authority and founder of Exerstriding poles and technique.

Capital Nordic Walking requires all Nordic Walking course participants to complete a detailed Participant Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) providing information about their health and fitness goals, levels, constraints etc to ensure that instructors are familiar with individual needs and can tailor the course accordingly.

On completion of Capital Nordic Walking courses participants are invited and encouraged to fill out a course-completion questionnaire sharing their views on the course, what they enjoyed and found beneficial, and ideas for improving the course.

Duty of care / Risk Management

Capital Nordic Walking takes its duty of care seriously. Instructors have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

NWUmbrella-225x300In addition to Instructors being aware of individual client health issues through their PARQs, all Capital Nordic Walking venues have undergone a risk assessment including hazard identification and evaluation, and a risk management plan developed to minimize the likelihood and impact of an incident occurring.

Capital Nordic Walking instructors have current first aid qualifications and carry a First Aid kit during classes.   Participant’s PARQ forms are carried by the instructor during classes to enable immediate access to critical health information and emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

Nordic Walking classes will be cancelled if weather conditions are considered to pose a risk or instructors are concerned about participant’s fitness or the suitability of their clothing or footwear.

Quality of Equipment – Guarantee

Capital Nordic Walking is supported by the Australian Nordic Academy, which ensures that Accredited Instructors provide the highest quality of instruction. In addition to technical support the Nordic Academy also supplies Capital Nordic Walking with equipment.

Nordic Academy provides Capital Nordic Walking customers with ONE WAY and LEKI Nordic Walking poles as well as a range of replacement parts and accessories of various brands. Products sold by Nordic Academy Australia Pty Ltd carry a warranty against material and component defects and faulty workmanship. Please note: While most products come with a 12 months warranty, products with velcro straps such as the wrist straps have a general industry wide six months warranty.

Nordic Academy reserves the right to repair or replace genuine claims made by the original purchaser, at the discretion of Nordic Academy Australia’s product department.

The Nordic Academy Australia Pty Ltd warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, mechanical damage, improper care, fair wear and tear and the natural breakdown beyond the reasonable life of the materials, workmanship and components.

Nordic Academy reserves the right to alter designs, colours and specification without notice.

If you have any queries regarding Nordic Academy Quality Guarantee and would like further information, please contact Nordic Academy at

Cancellation / Re-scheduling

Capital Nordic Walking may cancel or reschedule classes or group walks due to weather conditions or other unforeseen events. All efforts will be made to give participants sufficient notice and reschedule sessions as soon as possible.

It is appreciated if participants can provide as much notice as possible if they are unable to attend or need to reschedule to allow Capital Nordic Walking to accept other bookings. Cancellation by participants may incur a $30 fee if Capital Nordic Walking is notified less than 2 days prior to the class date.


Capital Nordic Walking treats all personal contact details collected via Participant Activity Readiness Questionnaires and as a result of inquiries in the strictest confidence. Our database does not get sold or passed onto any other party. We never make your e-mail address available to any other company or organisation.

Further Information

For all inquiries please contact Capital Nordic Walking or phone: 04 9999 3215


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