How Nordic Walking helped Sandra lower her high blood pressure

How Nordic Walking helped Sandra lower her high blood pressure
I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure in my mid 50s and put on medication. Over time my blood pressure continued to rise and even with an increase in medication, it remained very high.    

In June 2019 I started Nordic Walking three times a week on a regular basis. When I first started, I was very unfit but with time and perseverance I gradually became stronger and found I could walk further and for longer. The biggest bonus of Nordic Walking has been the effect it has had on my blood pressure.

While my medication has remained the same, my blood pressure is now consistently within normal range, but only as long as I keep Nordic Walking.

In September I completed a 7km hike through the Lousios Gorge to the Prodromou Monastery in Greece, something I would never have contemplated or have managed before I took up Nordic Walking.

Thank you for introducing NW to Canberra, for your ongoing encouragement and support and for all the fun group activities. 

I just love it!
Sandra Neville

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