Ultimate Women's Weekend - Lifestyle and Expo

Ultimate Women's Weekend - Lifestyle and Expo

Saturday 27th & Sunday 27th July at EPIC

Come and visit the Capital Nordic Walking display at the ULTIMATE WOMEN’S WEEKEND LIFESTYLE AND WELLBEING EXPO, which is all about empowering women, allowing them a chance to take some time for themselves, while supporting local businesses. The Expo showcases 40-130 small to medium sized businesses from a huge range of industries including mind, body, spirit, craft, skincare, makeup, health, fitness, fashion, home, children and more. Each Exhibitor offers something interactive on their sites for people to see, do and try

At Ultimate Women's Weekend, we exist for a cause. We exist, so we can give back.Our goal is to support organisations that fight for change. Organisations that - like us - also exist to really make a difference in the world.  So, we pledge to donate 10% of all ticket sales to one of these worthy organisations (to be announced closer to each show) There is certain criteria the charity must meet, and we remain transparent and share a vision of making the world, and the communities that we live in, a much better place. 

Find out more here: Ultimate Women's Weekend Canberra

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