Dr David Nott - Nordic Walking: Stability for improved Mobility

Dr David Nott - Nordic Walking: Stability for improved Mobility
Former Heart Foundation ACT Board Director, Dr David Nott enjoying Nordic Walking.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people walk around with poles when there’s no snow, then take the chance to try it for yourself at the Finnish Embassy in Yarralumla’s World Nordic Walking Day event on May 19.

Proponents of Nordic Walking say it uses over 90 per cent of the body’s muscles – leaving humdrum exercise pursuits like walking, running and cycling in the shade.

The Heart Foundation’s ACT Division is partnering in the event and promotes the benefits of Nordic Walking.

“Many people are discovering the benefits of Nordic Walking. It helps with fitness, cardiovascular health, weight control, rehabilitation, and of course – for fun,” said CEO of the ACT Division, Tony Stubbs.

Former ACT Board Director, Dr David Nott, is a recent recruit to the joys of Nordic Walking and has developed his new skills with the aid of some coaching from Capital Nordic Walking. “It’s outdoors and it’s great. It’s actually easier than walking,” said Dr Nott. “Having the two Nordic walking poles improves mobility and stability while giving me a whole-body workout, and of course a good cardiovascular work-out.”

Kristen Pratt from Capital Nordic Walking Group said Dr Nott’s posture has greatly improved since taking up the pursuit.

“Dr Nott is loving Nordic Walking – he has built up to two kilometres every other day with the goal of doing the five-kilometre bridge to bridge by Christmas,” Ms Pratt said.

“Nordic Walking aligns well with the Heart Foundation’s current Prime Minister’s One Million Steps Walking challenge. It’s not too late for people to head to the Heart Foundation website to sign up, and in doing so achieve better cardiovascular health,” said Mr Stubbs.

Nordic Walking is said to have kept Scandinavian skiers trim since the 1930s when it became part of their summer training regime.

The secret to Nordic Walking being more effective than regular walking, running and cycling is in the specially designed poles and correct technique which enables people to harness the power of their upper bodies, actively using most of the body’s muscles.

Canberra has a growing community of Nordic Walkers and the activity is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and exercise goals.

Anyone – with or without poles – is welcome to attend the event at the Finnish Embassy at 12 Darwin Avenue Yarralumla on Saturday, May 19 which will run from 9 am to 12 noon.

Visitors can watch the seven-kilometre Invitation Challenge or decide to take part in the leisurely Social Nordic Walk and Talk stroll along the lake front, which starts and finishes at the Embassy.

Organisers are promising a fun-filled morning in the spirit of the Finnish Crazy Games. There will also be an opportunity to donate to the Heart Foundation and Finnish food and drinks will be for sale.

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