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Nicky began her career as a professional dancer and Resident Director/Company Manager of musical theatre shows. She has run a successful mobile personal training business in Sydney and the Blue Mountains NSW, prior to moving to the ACT to start Align & Balance.

Nicky is a registered Cert 3 and 4 Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia and has attained Advanced Level Master Trainer. She is also qualified as a Pilates Matwork Instructor and Strengthening for over 60’s teacher gained from St George Hospital, Sydney in alliance with their physiotherapists. Additionally, she is qualified in Nutrition, Swedish/Remedial Massage and recently a Nordic Walking Instructor.

With over 30 years’ experience in the fitness and dance industry she is fully aware of the requirements that must be considered when training the more mature or injured individual. She has worked with a vast array of clients covering all aspects of rehabilitation, pre and post-natal mothers, seniors, clients with cancer or neurological disorders, clients with weight management issues, or those just simply wanting to get fitter.

Nicky recently discovered the vast benefits of Nordic Walking and aims to introduce this to her clients as she believes it will not only help them physiologically but also psychologically also. She has worked closely with Kristen in learning the Capital Nordic Walking technique for teaching people to Nordic Walk and is a certified Nordic Walking Instructor with the Nordic Academy in Melbourne.

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