Nordic Walking Community Outreach Volunteers

Capital Nordic Walking has taught hundreds of people to Nordic Walk – all ages, all fitness levels, all fitness goals and from all walks of life.
We are very passionate about supporting our local community of Nordic Walkers to help them to stay active and get the most out of their Nordic Walking.
One of the joys and benefits of Nordic Walking is that it is wonderful activity to do with others – Nordic Walking in a group is great fun!
Here at Capital Nordic Walking we have been fortunate to have some dedicated volunteers who are critical to us being able to continue to offer and coordinate regular free Nordic Walking groups around Canberra.
We hold different free Nordic Walking groups for different fitness and mobility levels every week. Our groups that cater more for people with balance, mobility and coordination challenges depend on the support of our volunteers – our Capital Nordic Walking Angels!

1The Importance and Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society. It enriches our society, brings us together as a community, and helps keep businesses and other organizations afloat. Volunteers are integral to our society. However, there’s much more to being a volunteer than giving back. You can get so much out of volunteering. Read ahead to learn more about how!

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2Why More People Should Get Involved

Not only is volunteering important because it helps to better your community, it also helps to better you as an individual. Volunteering is a free way to feel good about yourself. The best part is that you get to share that positivity to those you’re volunteering with. This feel good feeling is actually shown to decrease your risk of depression because it keeps you active and helps you make new, fulfilling connections. Additionally, it’s a good way to reduce stress that may come from work or your relationships. Check out the many more benefits from being a volunteer below.


3How You Can Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming a Capital Nordic Walking Angel – why not come along and join us for coffee at the end of one of our Nordic Walking groups to meet the gang! Call or email Kristen Pratt of Capital Nordic Walking to get details of walks or phone 04 9999 3215 Capital Nordic Walking is a registered member of Volunteer and Contact ACT and comply with The National Standards for Volunteers 2015 We regularly advertise for volunteers on the Volunteer Canberra website – where you can see full position descriptions.


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In order to gain maximum benefit from Nordic Walking it is important to learn the correct technique from a qualified instructor. Contact us now to start your Nordic Walking journey!

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