Places available for our up coming Nordic Walking for Fitness courses!

Private Course with Nicky in Mawson | Balance & Mobility

This Nordic Walking for Balance & Mobility course is private course with our Instructor, Nicky. This course is delivered over 3 x 1-hour sessions which are taught sequentially. The 3 lessons in this course will be held in Mawson, ACT. Your instructor will confirm the dates and times with you.

Additional information about this course is below:
  • This course costs $330 per person or $297 per person if you are an Aged Pension, Health Care card or Disability card holder, or if you are a student.
  • Once you have purchased this course, you will receive an email with information about what to wear and bring, and a link to a Participant Activity Readiness Questionnaire. The Questionnaire MUST be completed prior to the first lesson of your course.

Learn more about what's included in our lessons HERE.