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Check out all of the great information and stories in our past newsletters, which help to keep the rapidly growing community of Canberra Nordic Walkers in touch and up to date with what's happening in Nordic Walking locally, Nationally, and around the world.

Use the links below to read through some of our previous newsletters:

March 2024 - Big Changes Coming to CNW - Sharing our News! 

2022 - Walk to Fight Parkinson's

November 2021: Coming out of COVID Lock-down - When life happens Community matters

Capital Nordic Walking - A Westfield Local Hero Finalist AGAIN! WE NEED YOUR VOTES!

March - Autumn 2021

Canberra Nordic Walkers - Outpacing COVID

January 2021

April 2020 - Nordic Walking in the time of Corona - Helping you go the distance!
Corona Virus - Nordic Walking - The Perfect solution to staying healthy and strong!

Australia Burns

Nordic Walking into 2020

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