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Community Outreach Group Walks Program

Capital Nordic Walking Community

Capital Nordic Walking is committed to providing ongoing support to people after they have completed their Nordic Walking Proficiency course to support their efforts to remain active and healthy. Often when people first learn to Nordic Walk they prefer to walk with others until they get over the "people might think I look weird" feeling, and think up some clever answers to the frequently asked questions "Did you forget your skis?" or "Are we expecting snow?"

Our growing community of Nordic Walkers soon discover that this feeling passes pretty quickly once the technique becomes automatic and the addiction and benefits set in! Then they don't care what anyone thinks. And then they start practicing that smug "early adopter" smile knowing that their Nordic Walking workout is far more effective and enjoyable than the other regular walkers, runners and cyclists!

Canberra Community


Capital Nordic Walking invites all new graduates to join our program of free supported group Nordic Walks. They are a great opportunity to walk with other Nordic Walkers and have their technique checked and any problems sorted out. It's also means that we can keep an eye on everyone’s technique and sort out any problems along the way – ensuring that you are getting the maximum benefits from Nordic Walking.

For Nordic Walkers who don’t enjoy or aren’t confident walking on their own or lack the motivation to exercise regularly – Capital Nordic Walking free group walks are a great solution. Nordic Walking with others is a really nice thing to do walking, talking, and meeting others while working out! More connected with every step!

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