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Sold Out | Balance and Mobility Course with Nicky | Stephanie Economos

This Nordic Walking Balance and Mobility course is for one person who wants to learn Nordic Walking privately. This course will be formatted with specialised consideration of balance or mobility challenges. The course will be delivered over 2 x 1-hour sessions with Nicky.

The 2 lessons in this course will be held on the following dates:

  • Saturday the 15th of June at 11.15am at Dickson Wetlands
  • Saturday the 22nd of June at 11.15am at Lake Burley Griffin

Additional information about this course is below:

  • This course costs $240 per person or $219 per person if you are a Health Care card or Disability card holder, or if you are a student.
  • This course is for 1 person only

Learn more about what's included in our lessons HERE.