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Sold Out | Private 2-Session Course with Nicky in Mawson | Susanna Arnold

This Nordic Walking for fitness is a private course with our Instructor Nicky. This course will be delivered over 2 x 1-hour sessions of an initial private assessment lesson and follow-up technique lesson. The 2 sessions will be held in Mawson.

Your lesson times:

  • Monday the 12th of February at 12.30pm
  • Wednesday the 21st of February at 11.45am
Additional information about this course is below:
  • This course costs $240 full price or $219 per person if you are an Aged Pension, Health Care card or Disability card holder, or if you are a student.
  • Once you have purchased this course, you will receive an email with information about what to wear and bring, and our health questionnaire named PARQ. Please complete the Questionnaire before your first lesson. 

Learn more about what's included in our lessons HERE.