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Sold Out | Private Assessment & Lesson 1 with Nicky | Stewart Bath

The Private Assessment & lesson is a one-hour session to help determine the best approach and equipment for people with health challenges learning Nordic Walking. We will then go over the foundations in consideration of your health and comfort levels. Your instructor, Nicky has confirmed date, time and location for the lesson:

  • Tuesday the 5th of March at 10.30am

Additional information about this course is below:

  • This course costs $130 per person or $120 per person if you are a Health Care card or Disability card holder, or if you are a student.
  • This course is for one (1) person only.
  • You will receive an email with information about what to wear and bring, and a link to a Participant Activity Readiness Questionnaire. The Questionnaire MUST be completed prior to the first lesson of your course.