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Agnes: Polio Survivor: Nordic Walking a new lease on life

August 26, 2021

Agnes: Polio Survivor: Nordic Walking a new lease on life

"I am a polio survivor. What this means is that every day requires extra effort to be able to walk around. My muscles are weak and some muscles don’t work at all. Having one leg about 3.7 centimetres shorter than the other means that I walk with a pronounced limp. This means quite a strain on my lower back because I also have 2 kilograms of full-length caliper on that leg to help me walk."

"I have tried different exercises to strengthen my back muscles with minimal effect. I am always on the lookout for what I can do to help maintain and hopefully improve what I have so when I came across an article on Nordic walking I thought that it may have possibilities. I could feel straight away that this definitely had potential."

"The poles that suited me are the striders. They help stabilise my walk and take the strain away from my back. After only two months of Nordic walking for only 40 minutes twice a week, I am able to stand more upright because of a strengthening of my back muscles."

"By using the poles, I can walk faster and further as well as the added bonus of no back pain. Instead of struggling to walk about 600 meters unaided and feeling exhausted and suffering back pain, I can now walk two kilometres using the poles and feel great. They have given me a new level of independence and I am so happy that I discovered Nordic Walking. I have even used them on my holidays overseas."