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Margot - less knee pain and weight loss

September 09, 2021

Margot - less knee pain and weight loss

Margo came to Nordic Walking to see if it would make walking easier and less painful after having one full knee replacement and a “tidy up” of the other knee. She quickly discovered one of the secrets to Nordic Walking - that when the poles are used correctly and effectively you can reduce the load on your feet, knees, hips and lower back by up to 10kgs - it’s sort of like walking with crutches.

And because you are harnessing the power of your upper body to propel yourself along, you are suddenly using over 90 per cent of your muscles, naturally moving faster and getting a great cardio workout. Margo was rapt that when Nordic Walking she was able to finally walk at a good pace, for long distances, with a lot less pain - she was soon Nordic Walking for an hour each day. An added bonus was that after her first 3 months of Nordic Walking she dropped 7kg that had crept on when she was unable to move easily due to knee pain.

Recently, Margo and her husband Mike spent a couple of months travelling and hiking through South America, including some challenging terrains - steep, slippery with gravel or ice.

Margo said that she would not have been able to do this amazing trip if hadn’t been for the poles - not only did they take the strain off her knees but they gave added stability and confidence to undertake the challenges and enjoy the rewards while making it much less likely that she would fall because she had 4 points of contact on the ground.