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Elizabeth Reid: Staying active with Parkinson’s

August 26, 2021

Elizabeth Reid: Staying active with Parkinson’s

"I started Nordic Walking in 2015. As well as being a fun form of exercise, I wanted to improve my posture, which had begun to resemble that of Quasimodo as I struggled with Parkinson’s. The progressive deterioration of Parkinson’s has meant that I have slowed down over the years, but the poles ensure that I am well supported, and help with my balance."

"The Thursday Nordic Walking group brings laughter and friendship into my life. My Nordic Walking poles got me through Uzbekistan and Western China last year, and this year I am taking my poles on a Trans-Siberian journey.”

Nordic Walking is particularly helpful for people with Parkinson’s:

  • The four points of contact on the ground provide stability and encourage at tall upright safe walking posture.
  • Nordic Walking encourages big arm swings and longer strides – helping the tendency of people with Parkinson’s to take small shuffling steps.
  • All exercise is known to promote brain health, and a cross-body activity like Nordic Walking has been shown to have strong neuroprotective benefits.