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Hannah: Nordic Walking her way back from a catastrophic stroke

August 26, 2021

Hannah: Nordic Walking her way back from a catastrophic stroke

Hannah was 35 years old when she had brain surgery for a benign brain tumour. The operation was extremely risky and left her with a brain stem stroke. She woke with no movement on her right side, and a host of other problems. She started from an extremely low base. Once she left hospital three months after the event, she could just manage walking across the room.

About 5 months after her operation, Hannah took up Nordic Walking. She was extremely unbalanced at first, there are many memories of almost falling over down the driveway. But months and months of consistency have paid off! Hannah can now walk about 5kms, that's taken only about 18 months! Nordic Walking is amazing post stroke because the pole action helps those with hemiparesis get used to oppositional stride again and actually engage their affected arm as they walk, helping to reduce the risk of developing limb non-use, which happens to a lot of stroke survivors.

She has also found Nordic Walking better than any sleeping pill! Since the stroke, Hannah has had difficulty sleeping, but Nordic Walking that morning always aids her sleep that night. And has also done wonders for her mood, which can become quite depressed in most stroke survivors. But she can actually feel the effect of happiness on her brain after a Nordic Walk, and it's amazing anti anxiety effects. Some days she'd need to Nordic Walk just to keep her anxiety at bay, and it worked!

Hannah will continue Nordic Walking, probably forever! And attributes it a lot to her remarkable recovery.