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Lisa – living with fibromyalgia... and 'Paw-dic' Walking!

August 26, 2021

Lisa – living with fibromyalgia... and 'Paw-dic' Walking!

Lisa had been finding it increasingly difficult to stay fit while battling with the challenges of fibromyalgia - a long-lasting or chronic disorder that causes chronic body pain. The constant muscle and tissue tenderness can also lead to sleep problems. Shooting pains that may be quite severe originate from parts of your body known as 'tender points'.

Many doctors recommend an exercise and fitness program as the first line of treatment for fibromyalgia. This is before any type of medication is considered. All of the evidence concludes that it’s important to stay active.

Movement should be a key part of your overall treatment plan. Exercising regularly is one of the most effective ways to treat fibromyalgia - yet it can be difficult to get started and find something that you can manage.

Lisa quickly felt the benefits of Nordic Walking due to it’s low impact nature and also because the perceived level of exertion (how hard you think you are working) is a lot less than what you are doing - so it’s quite easy to work reasonably hard without feeling exhausted.

Oxley dog was determined not to be left out of their daily walks - so Lisa taught him to walk on a lead attached to her waist. This ended up being a more comfortable way of walking him as their was less strain on Lisa’s arms, shoulders and back. These days if Lisa goes out with her Nordic Walking poles and doesn’t take Oxley, he sulks for the rest of the day!