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Maya 13 years old: Nordic Walking improving posture and counteracting ‘text-neck’

August 26, 2021

Maya 13 years old: Nordic Walking improving posture and counteracting ‘text-neck’

Young children and teenagers are developing hunchbacks because of their addiction to texting, social media and smartphones.

The condition is called ‘text neck’ because it is often caused when people sit with their heads dropped forward looking at their devices for several hours at a time. Instead of a normal forward curve, patients can be seen to have a backwards curve. It can be degenerative, often causing head, neck, shoulder and back pain.

After I taught my 13-year-old niece Maya to Nordic Walk, the changes to her posture were visible immediately. Nordic Walking encourages an upright posture, opens the chest and strengthens the upper back postural muscles – effectively counteracting the damaging impact of postural changes due to too much time looking down at devices. The other bonus is that it’s impossible to use a mobile phone while Nordic Walking!

What Maya said...”I didn’t have very good posture and I always had injuries from sport. Over the four days we were at the coast I learnt to Nordic walk and ended up walking approximately 25km in total because Nordic walking made walking so much fun. Already I have felt changes in my posture and I have had less pain from injuries since I started Nordic walking. For me Nordic walking was heaps of fun. Now I love going for walks and I can finally stand up straight without thinking about it. Thank you Aunty Kristen for teaching me and I highly recommend it.”